Evaluating thermal comfort of occupants [in conditioned office spaces] (2010)

Smriti Singla, Shruti Narayan
Abstract: The main aim while designing a space is to provide comfort to its users. In any office buildings, productivity of employees and hence the health is a main cause of concern for the parent company. Sick building syndrome was one of the main reasons for creation of new field in science called “Thermal Comfort”.

Model the change in trend in the use of electrical appliances and evaluate the potential of maximizing India’s residential equipment efficiency and the subsequent energy demand implications along with the mapping of the electricity consumption pattern of residential buildings in Pune (2014)

Ruchi Shah
Abstract: The study aims to map the existing electricity consumption pattern in residential buildings in Pune, India. The study would also aim to understand the change in trend in the use of electrical appliances over the past ten years along with the increase in the gross domestic product (GDP).

Study to Evaluate Window Energy Performance in Indian Building Sector (2011)

Purvi Panchal, Rajan Rawal and Bipin Shah
Abstract: This paper explores conventional window assemblies used in current practice and design parameters which influence heat transfer through the different window components in a window assembly, using THERM 5.2 –two dimensional conduction heat transfers modeling based on the finite element method.