Enabling the Ecosystem to Improve Access to Green Affordable Housing for Women - Research & Innovation

Enabling the Ecosystem to Improve Access to Green Affordable Housing for Women - Research & Innovation


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) assigned the Center for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy (CARBSE) to support the green building ecosystem in the affordable housing sector in India, in coordination with IIFL Home Finance Limited (IIFL Home Finance), a private sector housing finance company with a strategic focus on green affordable housing. The project's objective have been classified under the following components- “Green Building and Climate Research”, and “Incubation and Innovation.” 

1) Green Building and Climate Research: This component aims to establish and enhance the present state of understanding of affordable, climate-resilient housing in India from the perspectives of gender sensitivity, finance, and overall performance

  • It emphasizes understanding, identifying the gaps, and recommending modifications in the present-day building rating systems from the perspectives of climate responsiveness and resilience in combination with the aspects of gender-sensitive and affordable building practices. 
  • It involves the identification of performance benchmarks based on tangible economic indicators to prioritize affordability; for instance – it will provide a methodology to assess the capital cost of climate adaptation measures with provisions for regional and climatic nuances. 
  • It also maps and analyzes the end-user’s decision systems to help align stakeholder interventions for popular access to resilient and affordable buildings; it supports the financial institutions to devise mechanisms to sustainably support the design, development, and operation of affordable and resilient housing.
2) Incubation and Innovation: To facilitate the development of novel green technologies which complement the affordable and resilient building stock. 
  • It targets the identification of innovative technologies and facilitates their incubation. These national/international, affordable, and resilient technologies stand to be identified as ‘ready to use’, ‘under research’, and more. These technologies acquire support from relevant industry stakeholders and/or government agencies. 
  • It also targets the formulation of a system for the integration of green lending and climate adaptation strategies in affordable houses for Financial Institutions; the insights from this task are determined to be disseminated publicly through a knowledge product module. 
  • The final parts of the second project component include the formulation of knowledge product modules on “gender-sensitive green building infrastructure projects” and “learnings and best practices in implementing green affordable housing in India”, which are to be disseminated publicly to a global audience. 


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Supported by:

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Govt. of India, Gujarat Energy Development Agency, U.S. Agency for International Development iNDEXTb (Industrial Extension Bureau) Govt. of Gujarat, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, New Delhi