Dr. Yashkumar Shukla, Principal Researcher And Centre Head (2011 - Present)

Dr. Yash is the Principal Researcher and Centre Head at the Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy (CARBSE). He has more than seventeen years of research and consulting experience in high-performance buildings. Dr. Shukla possesses several professional certifications including certified measurements and verification professional (CMVP), Home energy rating system

Dr. Rajan Rawal, Executive Director (2008 - 2021), and Senior Advisor (2021 - Present)

Rajan is a senior advisor at CARBSE. He advises and mentors the Centre for its research and developmental activities. He is also serving CEPT University as a Professor at Faculty of Technology. He was instrumental in setting up the CARBSE (formerly known as Centre for Energy and Environment, 2008-2011), nurturing and expanding its activities.

Asha B. Joshi, Research and Development Executive (2009 - Present)
Asha is a Research and Development Executive, at CARBSE. With a work experience of eleven years in areas of academics, administration, and publications, she joined CARBSE as an Administrative Manager in 2009. She worked with Icfai Business School, Research Centre, Ahmedabad before joining her current position; she was associated with International Development Enterprises (India)

Manish Salvi, Admin And Account Executive (2012 - Present)

Manish is working as an Admin and Account Executive at CARBSE. He looks after accounts, administration and facility management related works at CARBSE. He is a commerce graduate from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. Before joining CARBSE he has worked for 2 years as Account Assistant with Liverpool Retail India Ltd, Ahmedabad and one-year as Admin

Avni Gor, Senior Research Associate (2023 - Present)

Avni is a Senior Research Associate at CARBSE, CEPT Research and Development Foundation. She contributes a decade of interdisciplinary experience to the team with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from CEPT University and a Gold Medal in Master of Architecture (Urban Design). She received the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) Scott Opler Membership

Nikhil Bhesaniya, Senior Laboratory Technician (2019 - Present)
Nikhil is working at CARBSE as a Senior Laboratory Technician; he is proficient in material characterization of various types of materials used in buildings. He often gets involved in field research. Nikhil holds a Bachelor's degree in Physics from Saurashtra University, Amreli and earned his Master's in Condensed Matter Physics at Sardar Patel University,

Sneha Asrani, Research Associate (2019 - Present)

Sneha is a Research Associate at CARBSE. With over four years of experience, she has contributed to several research publications and reports centred on Thermal Comfort, Green Building Rating Programs, Climate Resilience, Gender Sensitivity, and Embodied Energy and Carbon. She has been actively involved in conducting and managing country-wide on-field thermal comfort surveys. She

Pankaj Kumbhar, Research Associate (2020 - Present)

Pankaj is a Research Associate at CARBSE, he is working on the Global Cooling Prize (GCP) project, conducting regular testing and overseeing all equipment and systems of building maintenance at CARBSE. His qualifications include an ITI in Mechanical Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, which he completed in Karad, Maharashtra. Pankaj boasts over a

Tej Chavda, Research Associate (2021 - Present)

Tej is a Research Associate at CARBSE. He is involved in the development of sophisticated three–dimensional urban energy models to access Green House Gas (GHG) emissions at the city-level, city-scale urban energy benchmarking and Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE).

Tej holds a Master's degree in Geomatics from CEPT University; his academic project was

Roshani Ponkiya, Laboratory Technician (2022 - Present)

Roshani Ponkiya is a Laboratory Technician at CARBSE. She is proficient in material characterization, particularly in the context of various materials used in construction and building science. She has earned a Master’s degree in Physics from Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar.

Her expertise and interest span a wide spectrum of topics, including solid-state

Subham Das, Research Associate (2021 - Present)

Subham is a Research Associate at CARBSE. He holds a Master’s degree in Sustainable Architecture (Gold medal) from the School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada. His Master's thesis involved the development of an integrated design framework for improving the socio-physical livability and environmental sustainability of Slum Rehabilitation Housing of Mumbai, for which he

Krishna Patel, Research Assistant (2023 - Present)

Krishna is a Research Assistant at CARBSE, where she works on roofing material characterization and thermal comfort monitoring in Affordable Housing. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. She has a keen interest in understanding the role buildings play in mitigating Climate change and making cities more resilient. 

Mahesh Suvasiya, Laboratory Technician (2023 - Present)

Mahesh is a Laboratory Technician at CARBSE, he is working on the Global Cooling Prize (GCP) project, performing routine testing, and supervising all building maintenance systems, equipment, and wiring for all types of sensors. His credentials include an ITI in Electrician Course from Mahadev ITI College, Riyabadi, Nagaur Rajasthan. Mahesh has more than ten

Dharmin Bhandari, Research Associate (2023 - Present)

Dharmin is a Research Associate at CARBSE. Prior to joining CARBSE, he spent three years working in architectural practice and one year with the SDA Daman & Diu cell in the ECBC cell. He earned his Master's degree in Building Energy Performance, from CEPT University. In his research thesis, Dharmin delved into the energy-saving

Pravin Kirat, Laboratory Technician (2023 - Present)

Pravin is a Laboratory Technition at CARBSE, he is working on the Global Cooling Prize (GCP) project, performing routine testing and overseeing all equipment and systems of building maintenance at CARBSE. His qualifications include an ITI in Mechanical Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, which he completed in Karad, Maharashtra. Pravin boasts over a decade of

Tarjani Mehta, Research Associate (2023 - Present)

Tarjani is a Research Associate at CARBSE. Her primary research focuses on the effect of environmental factors on human physiology, health and well-being. She actively contributes to the creation of research papers and reports dedicated to enhancing building energy efficiency, with her work delving into the comprehensive examination of building energy analysis within the

She has a Master's in Building Energy Performance from CEPT University, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Arvind Patel Institute of Environmental Design (APIED). Her Master's Directed Research Project delved into the interplay between Indoor Environmental Conditions, Thermal Loads, and Human Body Comfort, with a particular focus on optimizing Personal Environment Control Systems (PECS).

Dhruval Gadhvi, Research Assistant (2023 - Present)

Dhruval is a Research Assistant at CARBSE. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from CEPT University. Her research thesis focused on outdoor Thermal Comfort and the role of Built Morphology on the various aspects of meteorological factors that govern thermal comfort at the macro level. She is keen on understanding the interrelationship between

Vishal Bhise, Laboratory Technician (2023 - Present)

Vishal is a Laboratory Technician at CARBSE, he is working on the Global Cooling Prize (GCP) project, conducting regular testing and overseeing all equipment and systems of building maintenance at CARBSE. His qualifications include a diploma in Mechanical Engineering, and an ITI in Mechanical Refrigeration and Air Conditioning , which he completed in Karad,

    • Dr. Yash Shukla
    • Dr. Rajan Rawal
    • Dr. Asha Joshi
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